Carine double feature- Puppy treasure hunt and Play Date... and an all age walk and play

Carine Open Space, Pens next to skate ramps

Join us for a Puppy Play Date... and an all age walk and play.

We will have puppy toys and cardboard boxes for a treasure hunt. For the pawrents, this will be an opportunity to connect, discuss, share experiences, and get advice around key questions.

We ask that your fur baby is under 12 month, with the appropriate vaccination.

We will meet at the fences area, adjacent to the Skatepark (not to be confused with the new dog enclosures). Please see picture for exact location.

If your baby is over 1 year old or a very mature/ large puppy don’t despair and join us for a walk and play around Carine open space.

We will meet at the same location as the puppies, but we will not stay there. At the end of the play date/ walk we will have an opportunity to interact together.