Weimaraners ARE agility dogs!

Agility tests skills in training and handling dogs over a timed obstacle course. Competitors race against the clock as they direct their dogs to jump hurdles, scale ramps, burst through tunnels, traverse a see-saw and weave through a line of poles in an obstacle course configuration designed to challenge a handler's competitive and training skills. With scoring based on faults similar to equestrian show jumping, dog agility has become an exciting event. 

You can start agility with your dog at almost any age, but your dog must be fit and not overweight in order for body stress and injury to be at a minimum. 

Weimaraners LOVE and excel at agility! It utilises both their brains and their natural athletic ability. 

Here are a list of dog clubs in WA who offer agility training:

Agility Club of WA - train at the Canine Association in Gosnells

Albany All Breeds Dog Club
Club Type: Conformation + Obedience & Agility
Mrs L Elms, PO Box 1915, ALBANY 6331
Phone: 9844 6126

Bunbury & Districts Dog Club
Club Type: All Breeds + Obedience & Agility
Mrs S Yearsley, PO Box 532, Bunbury 6231
Phone: 9795 9835

Cloverdale Canine Companions
Club Type: Obedience & Agility
C Freele, PO Box 402 CLOVERDALE WA 6985
Phone: 9402 1807 Or
Training 9402 1807 (daytime)
Phone: 9452 8098 after 5pm 

Geraldton & Districts Kennel Club
Club Type: All Breeds + Obedience & Agility
Mrs L Millman, PO Box 558 GERALDTON 6531
Phone: 0427 184066

Gosnells Obedience Dog Club
Club Type: Obedience & Agility
Ms G Kay, 31 Tabubil Gardens, BALLAJURA WA 6066
Phone: 0414 867 439 Or
Enquiries: Chris Stone
Phone: 9398 3632 

Midland Dog Training Club

Nothern Suburbs Training and Obedience Dog Club

Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club

Rockingham Dog Club

Southern River Dog Club

Weimaraners LOVE agility!