Puppy Classes Tailored for Weimaraners

As a service for club members we offer puppy classes especially tailored for the Weimaraner.  The focus is on activities and games that will harness the skills that have been developed in this breed; such as scent games, brain work, retrieving. We also aim to help new owners learn about the different dog sports and disciplines that you can do with your dog.  

Our puppy classes are held by breed specialists who have a knowledge of the breed and its skills. They volunteer their time because they are passionate about the breed and would like to help club members get the very best out of their puppy.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you also enrol and attend other dog club classes, as it's important for your puppy to learn and be socialised around other breeds, in a structured environment. We cannot recommend highly enough the importance of early socialisation and training for your Weimaraner puppy. This is a highly intelligent breed who LIVE to LEARN and who are lifelong learners. 

We encourage early socialisation of your Weimaraner puppy.  


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Past Puppy Class Testimonials:
One of the best aspects of puppy class is the holistic approach
to dog ownership and not just training. For example, practising appropriate dog
interaction, information on individual dog issues such as barking, feeding, car
travelling etc. Another really valuable aspect of the class is the flexibility of
the training program, by mixing up different exercises the dogs (and owners) learn a
lot faster than in standard training and also have the opportunity to try a wider
variety of activities. I have often found that I can already perform the training
requested at obedience as it has already been included in the puppy classes, loose
lead walking is a good example of this. Weimaraners are big dogs making walking on
a loose lead a skill needed sooner rather than later, this is a skill focused on
later in some obedience classes but has made my early days with Zeus a lot more
pleasant! The reason I will continue to come to puppy class is
the quality of the instruction. The trainers know each dog really well and often tailor the training
ideas and suggestions to each dog and handler. It is always a positive
atmosphere regardless of what problems or concerns turn up on the day.  Bree


The most important factor for me was the non judgemental attitude
of the trainers. Having someone understand the breed was half the battle! I'd
previously been to formal training where my puppy was labeled 'the hyperactive one' and
that really upset and embarrassed me. I like the fact that the trainers know Harry by
sight, name and personality and tailor the class to suit his and my needs!

I have really enjoyed the classes, it's quite a big trip for us (45mins each way)
Harry and I enjoy our time at class as a social thing as well as an educational one.  Nic. 

The puppy classes are a fun and relaxing form of training. They show us additonal
skills such as stretching and body work and you can ask breed specfic questions and get
practical responses. They really are a great help.  I find going to the Wei puppy classes stress free.

Photo from puppy class Aug 2012 by Karen Le Blanc

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