Dances With Dogs

Dances with Dogs is also called freestyle obedience or heelwork to music, requires handlers and dogs to demonstrate a skilful, choreographed routine performed to music. It requires innovation and creativity as well as an excellent rapport between the handler and dog. The routine not only moves in time to the music but often interprets the music or tells a story. The style of dance and music varies greatly from team to team. This is a fantastic spectator sport.

We have two Weimaraners in WA currently competing in Dances with Dogs!  Both dogs belong to Cheryl Newby of Collie.
See the extract from Issue 5 of our newsletter regarding 'Shiloh's' fantastic achievements:

"On April the 9th history was made for the Weimaraner breed at the Canine Association in Gosnells! Cheryl and her wonderful Long Hair Weimaraner ‘Shiloh’ attained his title in DWDFS and HTMS! If you have NO idea what this stands for – read on!

"Despite the title it has nothing to do with dancing but plenty to do with music!
There are two sections, one is heelwork to music the other is freestyle. Both have
four levels Starters, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.
In heelwork to music the dog must heel on both the left and right side going either forwards and backwards. As long as the dog stays reasonably close to the handlers leg it is regarded as ‘heeling’.

When you have chosen your music you edit it to suit your routine. As you are ‘heeling’ you will be interpreting the music.

In freestyle there is no need for the dog to work close to you. In this section your dog will be doing spins, weaving through your leg, bowing and many other moves. Your routine should still interpret the music.

The great thing with DWD is that you can speak to your dog and help him out with extra signals.

I would like to thank Jill Houston for her help in writing this article. If anyone would like more information contact Jill at" Written by Cheryl; Shiloh's owner/trainer/handler.

‘Shiloh’ Sinaway Native Navaho LH is the first Weimaraner in the State, and possibly the first Long Hair Wei in the country to achieve these qualifications!  Below is 'Shiloh' Sinaway Native Navaho HTMN DWDFS

There is a club devoted to Dancing with Dogs if you are interested in learning more! 

DWD Club of WA
Club Type: Dances With Dogs
Amanda Houston, 19 Wann Court, Upper Swan. 6069
Phone: 9296 4996