Our aim is to promote this beautiful breed, the Weimaraner, through education, social events, dog activities and dog sports in Western Australia. In the short term we would like to encourage pet owners to join the club, to share their experiences and expand their knowledge of the breed. In the long term we hope that fanciers of Weimaraners in Western Australia will have loads of fun with the range of disciplines available for these dogs; agility, obedience, tracking, retrieving and showing. To that end we try our best to offer training opportunities and events with some of the most respected trainers in WA.

We would also like to promote the Weimaraner in Western Australia as a first class companion and family dog. The Weimaraner Club of Western Australia considers breed re homing, rescue and adoption a vital part of our service to the breed. We aim to be a source of information and advice for people interested in the Weimaraner breed in Western Australia.

Upcoming Events

Sausage sizzle, River play and Calendar pickup

Mrs Herberts / Alex Prior park, Claremont

Second chance for our 2023 Calendar pick up and sausage Sizzle. Meet us for a fun meet at the river foreshore, near Alex Prior park. This is a very shallow part of the river and a great location to get your fur baby to take his/her first steps (strokes) into the water. Bring bathers or clothes that can get wet, high value treats, favourite floating toy and water. The meet is open for swimmers and non swimmers alike. Exact location: -31.990812, 115.785867. Also see photo. Hope to see you there.

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