Rally Obedience is like a cross between obedience and agility - all obedience exercises carried out in a course situation. You follow instructional signs throughout a "course" from beginning to end with your dog, and like obedience, you pass and compete at numerous levels, gaining titles along the way. Rally Obedience - or Rally O for short - is a more relaxed competition that allows us to interact a more with our dogs and approach obedience from a different angle. Having to follow a course layout keeps us and our dogs thinking and there is no time for boredom to set in.

To start out in Rally, you and your dog will need at least the basics of obedience - heeling next to you on a loose lead (on the left), sit, drop, stand, left and right turns, including about turns.  You will need to learn the signs for the Novice course.  All the Novice signs and official rules can be found here.

If you have an interest in learning Rally-O, some of the obedience clubs around Perth conduct classes.  

The Weimaraner Club has a Rally-O training group. If you are interested in joining the  group please email us.