Our aim is to promote this beautiful breed, the Weimaraner, through education, social events, dog activities and dog sports in Western Australia. In the short term we would like to encourage pet owners to join the club, to share their experiences and expand their knowledge of the breed. In the long term we hope that fanciers of Weimaraners in Western Australia will have loads of fun with the range of disciplines available for these dogs; agility, obedience, tracking, retrieving and showing. To that end we try our best to offer training opportunities and events with some of the most respected trainers in WA.

We would also like to promote the Weimaraner in Western Australia as a first class companion and family dog. The Weimaraner Club of Western Australia considers breed re homing, rescue and adoption a vital part of our service to the breed. We aim to be a source of information and advice for people interested in the Weimaraner breed in Western Australia.

Upcoming Events

Previous events

North of River - Calendar pick up + Walk

Carine Open Space - park near Carine Skatepark

South of River - Calendar pick up

Piney Lakes Reserve Withrop, At the intersection of Sinclair Cres and Berendt Grove

2021 Training Programme - Superstars Workshop

Perry Lakes

Final training offering for 2021: Superstars Workshop, delivered by an experienced professional trainer. See our 2021 Training Programme page for further details: https://www.weiclubwa.com/2021-training-programme

2021 Training Programme - Puppy Workshop

Perry Lakes

Final training offering for 2021: Puppy Workshop, delivered by an experienced professional trainer. See our 2021 Training Programme page for further details: https://www.weiclubwa.com/2021-training-programme

North Floreat drain dog beach swim and play with calendars pick up opportunity

North Floreat drain dog beach

Join us for a fun morning at the beach. Bring a water bottle and your fur-baby and pick up a calendar(s) if you missed our Christmas Meet.

Park as per the picture, at the Floreat drain beach car park. Meet at: https://goo.gl/maps/wiXM1xH5Up8HqSwD6.

Christmas Sausage Sizzle and 2022 Calendar Launch

Harold Rossiter Park, Kent Street , East Victoria Park

Christmas is just around the corner and we all need a good excuse to celebrate these days, so please joins us for our yearly celebration and our 2022 Calendar's launch. Everyone is welcome!

We will have complimentary sausage sizzle, amazing cake for our fur babies, fun games and a Weimy Christmas Dress up competition with a special prize! As always, you will be able to purchase fantastic Blackdog Wear range of leads, harnesses and collars with a special Financial Members discount.

Hope to see you all soon.

Prepare your dog for summer meet- swimming lesson and play

Mrs Herberts / Alex Prior park, Claremont

Meet us for a fun meet at the river foreshore, near Alex Prior park. See exact location in the photo. Coordinates: 31°59'26.8"S 115°47'09.2"E

This is a very shallow part of the river and a great location to get your fur baby to take his/her first steps (strokes) into the water. Bring bathers or clothes that can get wet, high value treats, favourite floating toy and water. The meet is open for swimmers and non swimmers alike. Hope to see you there.

Weim Rescue & Rehome Appreciation Meet

Yokine Reserve

Join us for our annual meet recognising and learning about our very successful rescue and rehome program.

Sausage sizzle for the human participants and dog friendly cake for the fur babies will be provided.

Please confirm your attendance at your earliest convenience for catering purposes.

Please find exact location marked with a drop pin on the picture. Also included a google map pin location [31°54'37.4"S 115°51'26.3"E]. It's best to park in the car park off Bradford St near the football club as it is less crowded, although you can also park in the large carpark off Wordsworth Ave near the park cafe truck.

This is one of our big annual events and should be great fun. Looking forward to seeing you all there, especially our rescued and rehomed pups!

Nobel Falls Walk and Picnic


Weather permitting, we plan to meet up at 11:00 am, set off on an off leash walk for a 3.5km loop and then have a BYO picnic lunch. This is about 40-50 minute drive from Perth, but well worth the trip! Nature at its best, with easy track along the brook and hopefully running water through the falls. Turn the first LEFT after you see the Noble Falls Tavern to your right. (It's just across the road from the Tavern). Meet around the big car park/picnic area next to the footbridge marked as 1 on the small map drawing. Bring water, sandwiches and don’t forget anti bacterial!

Jorgensen Park

Crescent Rd, Kalamunda WA 6076, Kalamunda

Weather permitting, join us for a great Bush walk with plenty of trails, vast open spaces and some beautiful lookups in Perth hills. Bring a water bottle for you and the dogs.

Meet up near the fenced playground, see dropped pin and gps directions in the photo below. Dropped pin https://goo.gl/maps/bowuo9NmwFiPaasD8


Puppy Workshop - Carine Open Space

As we welcome so many new puppies to our group, we are offering a Puppy Workshop on June 26th. We will be happy to welcome puppies up to ~9 months. See our 2021 Training Programme page for further details: https://www.weiclubwa.com/2021-training-programme


Puppy Play Date - Carine Open Space

(-31.8481875, 115.7881217), Pens next to skate ramps

Join us for another puppy play date!

We ask that your fur baby is under 12 months, with the appropriate vaccinations. We’ll meet at the fenced area, adjacent to the skatepark (not to be confused with the new dog enclosure).

Please bring your treats and water To encourage good behaviour from your little ones. Unless heavy rain is forecast, the event will still be on.


Lake Gwelup walk and play – all ages – off lead

(-31.8788803, 115.7873589)

Meet near the tennis courts on Huntriss Road side Around 2.5km around the lake. Beautiful walk with bush areas and plenty of wildlife. It is considered off lead, as long as you have control over your dog. We found that it’s best to use a lead sometimes to help our dogs avoid the temptation of chasing ducks into the water, or bath in swamp water.

Carine Puppy Play Date... and an all age walk and play

Join us for a Puppy Play Date... and an all age walk and play.

We will have puppy toys and cardboard boxes for the pups to have fun with. For the pawrents, this will be an opportunity to connect, discuss, share experiences, and get advice around key questions. We ask that your fur baby is under 12 month, with the appropriate vaccination. We will meet at the fences area, adjacent to the Skatepark (not to be confused with the new dog enclosures). Please see picture below for exact location.

If your baby is over 1 year old or a very mature/ large puppy don’t despair and join us for a walk and play around Carine open space. We will meet at the same location as the puppies, but we will not stay there.

At the end of the play date/ walk we will have an opportunity to interact together.

2021 Training Programme - Superstars Workshop

 —  —

We are thrilled to announce new training offering for our members. The training will be delivered by an experienced professional trainer. Further information: https://weiclubwa.com/2021-training-programme

Mrs Herberts/ Alex Prior park River fun

Join us for a river meet. This meet is open to all ages.

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