Our aim is to promote the Weimaraner in Western Australia (WA) as a first class companion and family dog through education, social events and dog activities in Western Australia. 

We seek to be a source of information and advice for people interested in the Weimaraner breed in Western Australia, and consider breed re-homing, rescue and adoption a vital part of our service to the breed. 

We would like to encourage Weimaraner owners to join the club, to share their experiences, expand their knowledge of the breed, be advocates and create a community.

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Connect and Share

Key Activities and Services

Social meets 

Appropriate age group meet ups are held regularly in WA to encourage  socialising and sharing.

Training and Education 

Lectures, instruction  and information sessions are held regularly throughout the year to help advance the knowledge, training and understanding of the breed.

Rescue and Rehome 

When situations arise, we support owners find the best solution for their weimaraner, following careful consideration of the circumstances and needs of the dog.