Membership Information

The Weimaraner Social Club of Western Australia aims to be a source of information and advice for people interested in the Weimaraner breed in Western Australia. Our goal as a club is to remain focused on pet ownership of the Weimaraner, and getting people involved in the many enriching training activities that they and their Weimaraners will enjoy.

We regularly host dog play (off lead) events; as a way for Wei owners to get together. 

We try to offer advice and support for new and existing members and their Weimaraners.  

Once you become a financial member, if we are given the relevant information, we also have a microchip and tattoo register. This can assist with lost dogs if we are notified for assistance. 

Renewal of membership is due on 31st May 2019, however we are happy to accept new members at ANY time of the year! 

You can pay your membership via EFT.  Ensure your name and "membership" is the reference. 

Weimaraner Social Club of W.A
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB: 066 104
Account Number: 1024 4399