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2021 Calendar 

Exciting times! Our beautiful 2021 club's calendar has been finalised, sent to the printers and should be ready in 2 weeks!

The photos were shared and voted by our members.

See further details


Merry Christmas and happy new Year!!! 

It has been a wonderful year for the club.  We have once again had a fantastic effort from members and our committee.   

On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank each and every member of our club for their support and help in the last year.  We couldn't do it without you!!

We are excited about some new initiatives that are coming in 2014:

Club Sub-Committees - a fabulous way to open up the club with fresh new ideas and implementing new and exciting events
New 2015 calendar format for photo submissions
Monthly photo competitions
Finalisation of a Club Constitution and possible affiliation with DogsWest
Club "mini-meets" opening up MORE opportunities to get together with our weis!

as well as continuing with some of our already successful events and initiatives:
Major Club meets & BBQs
Fundraising for the Club - particularly rescue
Our wonderful and informative NEWSLETTER
FANTASTIC puppy classes
Rally-O practice teams & Rally-O Club competition
Club Pointscore competition - for our competitive members!
Workshops and Information Days

All these events, and in particular, fundraising, is to help us run our so far very successful Rescue and Rehome service.

If you have any suggestions for our club, we would love to hear from you!  Please visit our Suggestion Box page!

Tracking Season coming to a close... 

Weimaraners have had a wonderful tracking season this year.  It started out with Trackwest hosting a Tracking Day for the Weimaraner Club of WA. It was a huge success with a great turnout and many keen and willing Weimaraner participants! 
The training at Trackwest started out strong - a huge number of participants from our Tracking Day attended the first few training days held at Gnangara Pine Plantation. Unfortunately, as tracking season went on (and got colder and wetter!), a few people dropped off from training, however we still had a good number of Weimaraners training on Saturdays at Gnangara.
By the time the Trials started, we had a good number of Weimaraners who were ready to trial, while many of the beginners were aiming for end of season trials for their first try at the Track 1.
We also had two successful training days for tracking with members of the Weimaraner club who live in the South West Region. Thank you very much to Jennie Oliver and Trackwest for helping out with this event, which was a huge success and was followed up later with another which we thank Carolyn Gale and Jennie Oliver for running.

So far this year, as a result of Tracking Trials, the following Club members and their Weimaraners have gained the following:

Carolyn Gale has gained a TDX with Seamus and a TD for Tallulah (Ch Greydove Bluemoon TD)
Christine Weetman has gained a TD with Matrix
Ellen Cartwright has gained a TD with JT (Belbracon Show Me The Money TD)
Bev and Jodie Auld have gained their TSDX (Track and Search Excellent) with Drift (Tr Ch Gunclip Smokey Jade CCD TSDX ET)

On a side note, it is just wonderful to see many of our Weimaraner Club members who take the time out of training their own dogs to help out by laying tracks on trial days and being part of such a lovely training group that is always willing to help out with each other. It is extremely heartwarming to see such a wonderful bunch of people selflessly help others.  
There are only a couple of tracking trials to go for the end of the season. Best of luck to ALL the Club members who have entered their Weimaraners over the next couple of weeks - Marianne with Oscar, and Holly with Winter, plus Carolyn, Christine and Ellen!

There will be more updates to follow.


2013 Club Calendar 

The Club's Calendar team is working away behind the scenes, creating a calendar that will be better than ever for 2013! 

Time is ticking away for club members to submit their photos, ready for voting. Categories and Rules for Submission of photos can be found here. Photo submissions close on the 15th of September 2012.

The calendar team will be working towards having the sample of the calendar ready to view at our Social Meet in October.

Rally Seminar South was a Success!! 

Last Sunday, 19th August our club held it's first Rally-O Seminar. We had a fantastic turn out and the seminar ran smoothly. We are looking forward to holding our "North" seminar this Sunday. Photos to come.

As a result of the seminar, we may look at holding in the future, monthly workshops/training sessions for Rally, to work through signs with the idea to aim for competing in Novice Trials.  If you think this would be something that would interest you, please email me.  They would likely be held on a weekend date, as central as possible to allow for both south and north residents to attend.

Currently, there are very few clubs that are running regular Rally Obedience Classes, however, if you are interested in attending a class, Southern River Obedience and Agility Club runs classes on Thursday nights at the DogsWest Grounds, in Southern River.  Cost is the club joining fee, plus $3 per session you attend (paid on the night). Classes start at 7pm and run as per the school terms (no classes during School holidays and public holidays). Different courses are set up weekly and you are given the opportunity to run through the course 2-3 times in one session.

If your local obedience club also runs regular rally classes, please let us know, so that we can give club members options of different clubs to attend.

An enormous thank you to Hannah Slocomb for organising the handout and equipment for us to use at the seminar, as well as helping people through the course. Also a big thank you to Christine Weetman for donating her Rally-O signs to the club.

and THANK YOU to those who attended or plan to attend. We are excited to see that there are a number of club members who are willing to get out there and try different things with their dogs.

You can view photos of the South Seminar here!

Puppy Classes back soon! 

Our Weimaraner Club Puppy Classes 2012 are having a little break. The next class will be on Sunday, August 5th 2012 at 4pm at Carine Open Space (number 263 on the map). If you have a Weimaraner puppy and are interested in coming along please use the contact form to express your interest in our specialised puppy classes. All puppies are welcome, once they have had their second vaccination. Please bring vaccination record with you to your first lesson.
Please see our section on Puppy Classes for more information.

New Members Section Launched! 

We've decided to launch a new "Member Section" on our website, where our current members can find specific information about events coming up, special offers and find copies of past newsletters. There is also a Feedback section where you can give us feedback and suggestions on everything to do with your club. We welcome all suggestions, feedback (positive and negative) and anything else you might like to tell us. We may like to, on occasion, publish and give credit to ideas that come to fruition, so we would appreciate it if you left your name (or we might just take the credit ourselves )