Recommended Kennels in Perth

As a club we are frequently asked by owners of Weimaraners for recommended kennels to accomodate their dog. The Weimaraner has a long held reputation for not being a dog that kennels well. However it is important to realise that the kennel environment is stressful for most dogs who are not used to it; not just the Weimaraner.  

It is important that owners of Weimaraners make sensible and informed decisions about where to kennel their dog, as well as informing the kennel of any health issues their Weimaraner has. 

While there are other options to kennelling (house sitting for example) kennels do offer a very safe environment for your dog while you are away. 

If you have a puppy why not get your puppy used to being kennelled by trying a few different kennels for one night only until you find one you are really happy with?  Once you have found the kennel for you and your dog one suggestion is that you book your dog in for frequent day and over night visits as a way of helping your dog get used to that environment. 

Here are two kennels that club members use and recommend ( in no particular order)  Both businesses have an understanding of the breed, and big dogs in general, and are happy to talk to you about your Weimaraner. 

If you use other kennels that you think is worthy of recomendation please do let us know.

Hey You Pet Resort

Paw House Boarding Kennels

Recommended Businesses in Perth

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