Rally Seminar South was a Success!!

Last Sunday, 19th August our club held it's first Rally-O Seminar. We had a fantastic turn out and the seminar ran smoothly. We are looking forward to holding our "North" seminar this Sunday. Photos to come.

As a result of the seminar, we may look at holding in the future, monthly workshops/training sessions for Rally, to work through signs with the idea to aim for competing in Novice Trials.  If you think this would be something that would interest you, please email me.  They would likely be held on a weekend date, as central as possible to allow for both south and north residents to attend.

Currently, there are very few clubs that are running regular Rally Obedience Classes, however, if you are interested in attending a class, Southern River Obedience and Agility Club runs classes on Thursday nights at the DogsWest Grounds, in Southern River.  Cost is the club joining fee, plus $3 per session you attend (paid on the night). Classes start at 7pm and run as per the school terms (no classes during School holidays and public holidays). Different courses are set up weekly and you are given the opportunity to run through the course 2-3 times in one session.

If your local obedience club also runs regular rally classes, please let us know, so that we can give club members options of different clubs to attend.

An enormous thank you to Hannah Slocomb for organising the handout and equipment for us to use at the seminar, as well as helping people through the course. Also a big thank you to Christine Weetman for donating her Rally-O signs to the club.

and THANK YOU to those who attended or plan to attend. We are excited to see that there are a number of club members who are willing to get out there and try different things with their dogs.

You can view photos of the South Seminar here!

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