Be prepared for Brains and Good Looks

What is a Weimaraner?
Weimaraners are generally good natured, affectionate and bond deeply with their people. They are high energy and like any working dog will have the tendency to fixate or obsess about things if given the chance.

They can be high energy, and a couch potato, and anything in between. Much of it depends on your particular dog. Weimaraners need to have a good amount of physical exercise and also a large amount of mental stimulation. They may be happy to crash on the couch, but will be up in a flash if you put on your shoes or look at the leash out of the corner of your eye.

Keep in mind that exercising a Weimaraner isn't the same as other high energy breeds. Weims don't get tired until they are seniors, and even then they might give you a run for your money. These are hunting dogs and although they make wonderful pets, they need an owner that is going to work them. That doesn't need to be hunting, but it is far more than a stroll around the block. There are many ways to stimulate them without hunting or running for miles, but we have to be creative and pay attention to what they try to tell us.

Technically, Weimaraners should be hunting dogs. A lot of behavioural issues and concerns about the breed are centred around the positive things that working gundog owners (hunters) are searching for in a dog. The fact that they are eager to please their owner, have high energy levels, high prey drive, are independent, and focus obsessively on a task are all excellent gun dog traits that with the right owner for the right purpose would not be "managed" but taken full advantage of. Their natural hunting skills can be utilized to make them great playmates and translate into different activities that satisfy their urges. However, the prey drive is something that isn't going to suit every person or situation, and people need to be very aware of that before they make the leap.

Selecting the right breeder is the key. There are countless resources on the internet that explain why, but the basic reason is that a true breeder breeds for the betterment of the breed, and they breed purposefully. Temperament is of primary concern. A good breeder will give you plenty of opportunity to see, and spend time with the parent or parents. Step two is selecting a puppy from a litter. There are tests given to the puppies by breeders to determine things like trainability that can give you insight in to which pup might meet your lifestyle needs.

There are a lot of people that will disagree, but there are much better breed choices for owners if they are not willing to deal with a dog that may possess all the traits which makes a great hunting dog.
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