2021 Training Programme


  1. Puppy Workshop (age up to 9 months)
  2. Superstars Workshop (age over 9 months)

Puppy Workshop - CONFIRMED

Dec 4th @ Perry Lakes, 11.45am - 12.45pm. We will be happy to welcome puppies up to ~9 months. Key areas to be covered:

  • Understanding your puppy development
  • How to regulate your puppy
  • Help with mouthing and biting
  • Teaching some basic communications
  • Tips and tricks for socialising

Superstars Workshop - CONFIRMED

Dec 4th @ Perry Lakes, 1pm - 2pm. We will be happy to welcome dogs from ~9 months or older. Key areas to be covered:

Focus on recall, loose lead walking & jumping up. We will also try to accomodate for individual requests (as much as possible). 

Both workshops will be facilitated by Neri Karazija. Neri, BSc (Honours), is a certified instructor through the wolf and dog development centre and holds a certificate III in dog training. She specialises in dog behaviour and development and provides practical solutions and training.

Please note:  

  • We would need a minimum number of attendees to generate class involvement & a good distraction level for the dogs to work with.
  • Classes may change depending on the ability of the participants and time.
  • This is a positive reinforcement training, so using flat collars and walking harnesses are well advised.
  • Don't forget to bring a lot of high value treats and water for your puppy/ dog.
  • Cost is $30 for Financial Members; $45 for Non-Financial Members. If you are not a Financial Member, you will become one upon payment. This means that you will have access to our members only benefits until the end of 2022 (see Membership page for more info).

IMPORTANT: Places are limited. To secure your spot, please submit the form below and transfer the appropriate funds. An email confirmation will be sent once we receive both.


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