2019 Calendar Photo Competition

Photo competition submission guidelines: 

Send submissions to weimclub.calendar@gmail.com
Picture submission
  • 1: Pictures should be of high quality/resolution in order to satisfy minimum 300dpi printing requirement. Please make sure your images are large and clear and are the original picture (not Facebook/instagram pictures for example).
  • 2: Images submitted in low resolution or of poor quality will unfortunately not be eligible for the calendar but we will use them around both Facebook and Website wherever possible.
  • 3: Images should be of your own copyright (no professional or watermarked images allowed)
  • 4: Maximum of 2 submissions per category per person, an additional 2 pictures can be submitted of group meets.
  • 5: Emails to have the subject as Wei's full name/s, the owner's name, and wei's age.
  • Closing date for submissions will be the last calendar day of each month. Late submissions will not be included.